Terry Utley

First Vice President/Investments

Terry’s mission is to educate clients on the fundamentals of cash flow, risk mitigation, and wealth accumulation and preservation.  He brings a comprehensive approach to wealth management in a variety of specialties, having gained experience as a financial advisor and previously as a branch manager since he began his career in 1980. 

Prior to this long-term career, he attended Western Kentucky University and established several successful companies after moving to Missouri in 1970, following his marriage to his wife, Janice, of 49 years.  

Terry’s daughter, her husband, and two grandsons live in Nebraska.  When not perusing various financial journals and national newspapers, Terry enjoys the amazing splendor of Mother Nature, whether it’s the corn and bean fields of Missouri, the boreal forests of Canada, the karst topography of Western Kentucky, or the beauty of the coral reefs of the Florida Keys.  An avid catch-and-release fisherman, he and all his family enjoy being a part of the boundless beauty of the outdoors.